Unbuilding Crenshaw Discount Store

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Module 2 Studio for Spring 2021
STU 1327  Underground

Instructors: Current Interests (Mira Henry + Matthew Au )

Los Angeles

2021. Crenshaw Discount Store.

The differentiation between the two facades (front and back) of the current store is still to be defined. Both of these facades are important, but they carry different characteristics.
Facades are portraits. Not only portraits of the building, but portraits of the surrounding as well; they collect and reflect information.

1941. Grayson’s Women Fine Apparel.

By studying the facades of Victor Gruen’s first built project in Los Angeles, one can see the old portraits of Crenshaw Discount Store.

Could the old facades bring qualities that were lost in time?
Could undoing or unbuilding be a way to redesign this store?