Chapter 8: The Sweet Escape

“Now, away we go ! I will eat a piece of this house, Gretel,

and you can help me out-,” said Hansel-

“if we only can get out of the Sugarhouse!”


There have been 8 years since Hansel and Gretel

were trapped with six more strangers in this mysterious hut.

Imagine a house made of sugarcubes and decorated with sweets, in which everything can be eaten.

Sugarhouse is an extremely delicate artifact.

For its preservation it needs to be sealed.

The children were trapped inside by being attracted to

the forbidden “fruit” of Architectural Pleasure.

One can only escape from Architecture by Eating.

Sugarcubes define space boundaries

and are used as a sustainable structural element.

Eating here is about literally eating an archetype of Architecture, a hut transformed to an hostile enclosure.  The focus is reversed; the centre shifts to the limit.

Their pockets become fatter and fatter as they stuffed strawberry bonbons,

sherbet suckers and soft and slimy gummy sweets into them.

Satisfied with what they had and proud,

they began to approach the way to freedom.