Scale Experiment

Patras School of Architecture

Diploma Thesis Fall 2018 
supervisor: G.Panetsos

Networks are constantly changing.
Nowadays the rapid development of technology suggests new ways of circulation and the traditional means of transport are replaced by other networks such as hyperloop, skycars, remote-controlled drones. New exploration fields are opened for the time and speed of networks within the city. It is, therefore, necessary to search for a new generic station typology, which will be more independent from the networks it serves. So which will this new typology be?

This project attempts to answer this question by studying the railway network and the stations in Attica.
Initially the research focuses on the structure of the railway network shell.

The proposal does not enrich the preservation of a network that might change in the near future, but the creation of a new shell that protects a relationship that will always exist: that of man and his environment.