The Entelechia of the Urban Form

Patras School of Architecture

Research Thesis Fall 2017
supervisor: G.Panetsos

The research investigates the need for a sustainable urban structure. In order to achieve sustainability, according to the principles which were set in ancient times, the city, the organized community needs the necessary infrastructure, so it becomes self-sufficient and but also the necessary framework, so it connects with other communities.

The research analyzes ways of managing population densities and their networks in three cities functioning on different scales (Athens, Manhattan and Hong Kong).
By studying the different ways of massive hab­itation that emerge in each case, we could understan their attempt to create a good urban life.

As for the urban structure, it is concluded that each of the constituent elements of a city operates simultaneously in at least two scales, local and global [self-sufficiency + globalization]. At the same time, design has a double role.
For the local, smaller scale, it is required to design forms, while for the global, larger scale, it is called to design processes.