9 Territorial Machines
by the Seaside

Harvard Graduate School of Design

ADV9203 Thesis Project Spring 2020

A scenario for new living conditions

The premise of the project is about reimagining the seaside as a territory for new living conditions. The premise starts from the idea of home and the fact that its definition becomes more and more ambiguous every day; places for vacation and leisure are transforming into our working and living spaces. The question which rises is whether the definition of tourism, housing and workspace today transformes while the definition of home changes.
After establishing the present state of these definitions, the project focuses on transforming the islands into terittorial machines that can work as self -sufficient units and at the same time as part of a larger territory. Such machines will be divided in two categories: spaces of living (housing+ workspaces) and spaces of leisure (such as observatories, sleeping places, bathing  spaces).

The basic idea of the project is not about overlapping or merging working spaces with leisure and living spaces, but identify each one of them and define it in a new way, that will improve the current living conditions.
The whole research is about finding the essential qualities for living…are these qualities embedded in spaces of leisure or is there a distinction between the two categories which stays ambiguous that yet needs to be defined?